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This is a brilliant warts-and-all expose of our political and cultural life. Clark describes the experience of being drunk after a wine tasting and delivering a statement in the House of Commons - with disastrous consequences; his desire to relieve his bladder from the balcony of his office in Whitehall on the heads of pedestrians walking below; and offers frank descriptions of John Major and Michael Heseltine amongst others.

His personal charm oozes out of these recordings, as does his candour and, on occasions, his bile. But equally the wit and humour are laugh-out-loud funny. He records things which others might only dare think. Entwined with the politics, though, are revealing glimpses of his private life, which was very colourful, his beloved wife Jane, and also something of the wider culture of Britain in the s.

This former MP and Minister brings the world of British politics to life, with his lovely sense of humor and wit. Shame he died of a brain tumor 20 years ago. Also, a pitty his other diaries are't in audio format. Such good fun. Sharp and often hilarious and uncomfortable insight into the underpinnings of British government and social strata.

You don't have to know a lot about English politics to enjoy this opinionated diary. Lots about character, relationships, ego and devastating insights on government and party politics. Cleverly written and excellently read, I do wish he had recorded more. I think Adam Clark probably brought it across in the best way possible. Recording is rather hissy though. Very poor quality recording did not enjoy this listening experience would like to return for refund.

The Alan Clark Diaries Audiobook | Alan Clark |

I was looking forward to listening to this as I'm reading the book. But the abridged version is very short, it loses a lot. Alan Clark's voice sounded odd, not suitable for narration, quite tinny. If you can get past all this, the diary reveals some interesting anecdotes, though very little substance, apart from lots of vainglorious narrative. One of my favourites - I only wish it wasn't the abridged version that I purchased. Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?

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Fantastic access to an intriguing mind and unashamedly bold character. Incredibly frank opinions from a seemingly callous, insensitive individual are intertwined with brilliantly touching descriptions that prove all the more poignant due to the juxtaposition.

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Any additional comments? Such a shame we have been deprived of him recording all of his diaries himself!

Thoroughly enjoyable with a great delivery by Alan Clark in that likeable, pompous, no nonsense manner he was known for. Whatever your politics it provides an interesting perspective on the workings of Government. My only criticism is that only one of the three books is available in audio form and that was abridged!

Any reason publisher? He was a minister in a government that I despised, but bloody hell he was a deft and luminous writer. Highly recommended. I call up Michelle Pfeiffer who tells me she is now a brunette. Great news. Some people say the job is beneath him, but I admire him for not being too fussy. Spend several hours giving birth to our first child, George, and then go into the office to commission a 20,word piece about Princess Diana , before stopping off for a glass of champagne with Donald and Ivana Trump on the way home. I think I might put Donald on the cover one day soon.

Diaries: In Power

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Write a book. Make a film. Edit the New Yorker. Spend more time with George. Five years later than planned, I have my second baby. Sometimes, I would fire myself if I could. Even though Boris Johnson has lied about me in a Sunday Telegraph profile — what a shit the man is — life could scarcely be more perfect as VF now has a UK edition.

And I am absolutely thrilled that Anna Wintour has been made editor of Vogue. People keep asking me to edit new magazines. I do wish they would stop. Si calls to ask me if I want to edit the New Yorker. I blow him some air kisses down the line. Mwah, mwah. Of course I will. To tell you the truth, VF was never all it was cracked up to be.

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